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HATE: The Board Game- Kickstarter Edition

HATE: The Board Game- Kickstarter Edition

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Full Kickstarter Edition including all applicable stretch goals. Optional Buys are available at an addtional cost.

For more information on the game: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/hate

The world of HATE is brutal, and is recommended for mature audiences only. The art of the game depicts acts of extreme violence, as well as nudity. To survive and thrive in this barren wasteland, you'll need to embrace the savagery of not only massacring your enemies, but taking innocents captive, torturing them, and even feasting off their flesh. You've been warned, this is not a world for the faint of heart!

Based on the "Chronicles of HATE" graphic novel by acclaimed artist Adrian Smith, HATE is a board game of brutal combat and conquest in a desolate world of savage warriors. Created by the same design team who brought you the Zombicide series, under the supervision of Eric Lang, HATE combines the gruesome artwork of Adrian Smith with exquisitely sculpted miniatures to immerse you in a universe of cruel survival by any means.


Take control of your tribe and lead them in battle against your opponents. Each battle pits two tribes controlled by different players, clashing against each other to achieve objectives, massacre the enemy, and reap rewards from blood and land. As the Chronicle unfolds, players engage each other in numerous clashes in an effort to defend or conquer territories, trying to be the ultimate Tyrant and rule the wastes of the world. While the HATE core box initially allowed for up to 4 players to fight through a Chronicle together, more tribes have since been unlocked allowing the game to expand to up to 6 players.


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